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      1. Aliases
      Opening agent, mold release agent, slip agent, wear-resistant agent

      2. Chemical formula

      3. Molecular weight

      4. CAS NO

      5. Quality indicators    
      Item Standard
      Acid Value (mgKOH/g) ≤1
      Melting Point (℃) 98-102
      Total Amide (%) ≥99.5
      Color (APHA) ≤100
      Appearance Powder
      6. Physicochemical properties of the product
      This product is purified by short-range molecular distillation and is a neutral white waxy solid, which is miscible with paraffin, soluble in hot ethanol, chloroform and ether, but insoluble in water. Boiling point is 250°C (12mmHg), critical temperature is 526°C, critical pressure 12.7Mpa, relative density is 0.79 (110°C), bulk density (solid): 0.45-0.53, flash point is around 205°C, allowing it to be used in food containers and food packaging material (GB9685-2008).

      7. Product application
      1. Can be used as lubricant and anti-sticking agent for PE, PP, BOPP, EVA, LDPE, PVC and PVDC, etc., plastic antistatic agent, plastic foaming control agent; softening agent (intermediate) for production of towels and fiber waterproofing softener;
       2. It can be used as a lubricant, release agent and dispersant for rubber to improve the processability of rubber compound, improve the dispersion effect of pigment and filler, bright release agent and calendering aid for sulfonated rubber (CSPE); it can also be used as release agent and lubricant for processing such as natural or synthetic rubber, etc.;
       3. It can be used as ultra-fine water-based emulsion dispersion, and is widely used as sensitizer for thermal paper, etc.;
      4. It can be used as compounding agent for plastic pencil (refill) and ink, lubricant for coated paper and wax for precision casting;
      5. It can be used as lubricant for silane cross-linked polyethylene material and aldehyde phenol laminate (paper substrate);
      6. It can be used as anti-blocking agent for polyolefin film, paraffin wax emulsion stabilizer, etc.;
      7. It can be used as the internal and external lubricants and surface brighteners of rigid PVC calendered films. It has a good synergistic effect with organotin stabilizers, which can improve the dispersibility and electrical insulation of pigments, and is used as lubricant and anti-blocking agent for extrusion or injection molding of PVC sheets and pipes;      
      8. It can be used as a modifier for road asphalt, and can be used as a dispersion lubricant for modified materials such as PA-6 carbon fiber.

      8. Packaging, storage and transportation
      Packaging: powder 20kg/bag, granule 25kg/bag, paper-plastic composite bag, lined with plastic bag, 600kg/pallet. This product is stored and transported as common chemicals.

      9. Precautions
      This information is for reference only. For technical questions, please contact +86 15996639400.
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