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      1. Aliases
      Opening agent, mold release agent, slip agent, wear-resistant agent

      2. Chemical formula

      3. Molecular weight

      4. CAS NO

      5. Quality indicators    
      Item Standard
      Acid Value (mgKOH/g) ≤0.2
      Iodine Value   74-78
      Melting Point (℃) 78-81
      Amide Content (%) ≥99.5
      Aliphatic Nitrile ≤0.5
      Color (APHA) ≤100
      Appearance Beads/Powder
      Odor None
      6. Physicochemical properties of the product
      This product is a waxy odorless solid with a long carbon chain and polar amide group in its molecular structure, giving it particularly good surface activity and good heat stability, suitable for higher processing temperatures and longer lasting smoothness and better anti-sticking effect. It is insoluble in water, soluble in solvents such as ethanol, ether, acetone and xylene. Decomposition temperature: about 330 ℃, and the product is environmentally friendly and non-toxic (passed non-toxic testing). This product is permitted to be used in food containers and food packaging materials(GB9685-2008). It has passed the SGS green environmental protection test and conforms to the EU RoHS environmental protection directive.

      7. Product application
      1. Can be used as slip agent and openers of PP, CPP, BOPP, LDPE, LLDPE, EVA, PVC, PVDF, PVDC, PU and other films, as well as multi-layer co-extrusion films, high light transmittance agricultural films, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and metallocene polyethylene. It can significantly reduce the dynamic and static friction coefficient of the surface of the product (film or sheet), and improve the ease of processing and packaging efficiency;
      2. It has the functions of smoothness, anti-sticking and anti-fouling in the ink, delaying the sedimentation of pigments and fillers, helping re-dispersion, increasing the abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and surface smoothness of the printed matter, especially improving its smoothness and anti-adhesion during color printing;
      3. Adding this product to rubber (SBE, SBP, SBR, PP) can improve the gloss, anti-fouling and elongation of rubber products, enhance vulcanization acceleration and wear resistance, and especially have the effect of preventing sun cracking ;
      4. It can be used as a mold release agent and surface smoothing and brightening agent for thermoplastic elastomers (TPE, TEO, TPU) and fluororubber, as a lubricant and mold release agent for engineering plastics, as a lubricant for LDPE calendered artificial leather, fiber materials. The slip agent for non-woven fabrics and entertainment chips, as well as the slip agent for PA and other highly wear-resistant materials (gears, shaft seal sleeves, skateboards, etc.) and the lubricant and dispersant for ABS graphite fiber modified materials can be used as effective anti Blocking hot melt adhesive.

      8. Packaging, storage and transportation
      Packaging: powder 20kg/bag, granule 25kg/bag, paper-plastic composite bag, lined with plastic bag, 600kg/pallet. This product is stored and transported as common chemicals.

      9. Precautions
      This information is only for reference. For technical questions, please contact us anytime.
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