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      Antistatic for Plastic


      1. Quality indicators
      Item Standard
      Appearance White granule: particle size about 5.5mm
      Decomposition Temperature Approx. 280℃
      Melting Point Approx. 70℃
      Heating Weight Loss (105℃ × 2h)% ≤1.0% max
      Water-soluble Practically insoluble in water
      2. Product application
      1. Due to its standard particle shape, it is suitable for direct injection molding, extrusion, and film blowing after mixing with plastic particles. Compared with traditional powder products, there will be no bridging and wall sticking phenomenon, and there is no dust during mixing, which is beneficial to keeping the environment clean. Its 100% effective content of high-purity antistatic agent enables the product to effectively dissipate static electricity, avoid environmental dust pollution, and keep it clean and bright. At the same time, it can also be made into high-content antistatic masterbatch to improve production efficiency. It can be used with all known additives. I can also be used with fillers. After using this product, the surface electrostatic coefficient can reach 107-108Ω.
      addition amount for PE 0.5%-1.5%
      addition amount for PP 0.5%-2.0%
      addition amount for BOPP 0.5%-1.0%
      addition amount for TPE 0.5%-2.5%
      2. This product can be used together with all known additives. It can also be used together with fillers, but it may be partially absorbed by fillers. In order to achieve the same effect, it is recommended to increase the addition amount appropriately.

      3. Packaging, storage and transportation
      This product packaging: 25kg/bag, paper-plastic composite bag, lined with plastic bag, 600kg/pallet. This product is stored and transported as common chemicals.

      4. Precautions
      This information is for reference only. For technical questions, please contact +86 15996639400.
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