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      Plastic Brightener

      1. Quality indicators 

      Item Standard
      Molecular Weight 10000
      Melting Point (℃) 100-120
      Total Amide (%) ≥99
      Flash Point (℃) ≥250
      Decomposition Temperature (℃) 320
      Appearance Powder
      2. Physicochemical properties of the product
      The appearance of this product is white powder. It has high melting point, excellent lubricating properties, increases the surface brightness and smoothness of plastic products, increases the compatibility with polar resins, enhances the wetting and dispersing effect of pigments, and makes pigment particles no longer agglomerated into difficult-to-disperse agglomerates. It can also improve the demolding effect and anti-sticking effect of the product.

      3. Product application
             1. It can be used as a lubricant for extrusion, calendering, and injection molding of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, ABS and its regrind, it can improve its fluidity, reduce friction between materials and the machine, and improve the processing efficiency and the appearance quality of the product.
             2. It can be used as a lubricant and dispersant for the production of polyolefin color masterbatch, high impact polystyrene color masterbatch, and ABS color masterbatch, and to improve the surface brightness of the color masterbatch.
             3. It can be used in the production of "vest bag" and other packaging films from polyolefin recycled materials to improve processing fluidity, reduce mechanical load, make the surface of the film produced from recycled materials bright, and also prevent adhesion between films, which helps to use the films easier.
             4. In the production of PE and PVC cable materials, it can increase the dispersion of various fillers and additives in the cable material, reduce the friction between various substances in the cable material and the friction between the material and the machine, and increase the lubrication of the cable material. It can improve the performance of the cable and the brightness of the surface, and improve the cable outlet rate.
             5. In rubber processing, it can increase the dispersion of filling materials, improve extrusion and molding rates, increase the flow of materials in the mold, and make the demolding effect better.
             6. In the production of PVC pipes, pipe fittings and profiles, it can not only play an excellent internal and external lubrication effect, but also improve the dispersion, meltability and fluidity of inorganic fillers, and can improve the smoothness and brightness of the product surface.
             7. Good light resistance and chemical properties, can be used as a carrier for pigments, improve the abrasion resistance of paints and inks, and prevent pigment precipitation.
             8. This product can also be used to manufacture shoe polish, leather brightener, hot melt adhesive, etc. 

      4. Packaging, storage and transportation
      Packaging: powder 20kg/bag, granule 25kg/bag, paper-plastic composite bag, lined with plastic bag, 600kg/pallet. This product is stored and transported as common chemicals.

      5. Precautions
      This information is for reference only. For technical questions, please contact +86 15996639400.
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