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      Casting company | youth league building activities, exciting force

      Relieve pressure, release passion, gather team strength in the game, bloom youth charm in joy! In order to enrich the life of the company, enhance the cohesion of the team, cultivate the cooperation ability, adjust the status, relieve the work pressure. Dongli Technology spent Saturday afternoon planning a group building activity for colleagues in the company.
      With fun games and healthy sports as the theme, there are three projects of "Invincible Wind Wheel", "Paper cup water transfer" and "shape transfer", all integrating sports, entertainment and cooperation elements.
      The Mighty Hot Wheels
      Invincible Hot Wheels are very popular with colleagues. Competition scene, as the referee a whistle, the two teams of players immediately into the fierce competition. Each group of members "platoon leader" under the leadership of the steps, concerted forward, round after round of the game has been launched, the scene is very intense.

      Move form transposition

      After two groups of other games to warm up, began the "shape shift" throwing game. Everyone can only throw the water bottle to the person on the right with their right hand, the person on the right receives the person on the left, the person on the far right only receives but does not throw, the person on the far left only throws but does not receive. In this pass, how to arrange the order became a heated discussion among the teams.
      Paper cups water transfer
      Trust each other and cooperate with each other. Each member of the team is biting an empty paper cup, the first member of the team to scoop the water and then pass it to the next player in the same group. Finally, the team with more water in the paper cup wins. In the competition, each group of colleagues united and cooperated, tacit cooperation, they interpret a common word - unity. In the side of the referee also spared no effort to shout, cheer for the players, the scene atmosphere is warm.

      In the intense work, enjoy a relaxed mood, feel the love of the company, the company is not only an organization, but also a hard, love family, improve the affection between the colleague, for work life has added a unique color, let us with much more full spirit into work!
      A seemingly simple team building activity, but let the company's colleagues in the tense work experience a team power. Each game has brought us a spiritual shock and deep reflection, so that we more firmly believe that unity, mutual support, you have me, I have you, will be able to overcome all the difficulties and obstacles, also make us really understand: a hundred rivers merge the sea can shake the sky, unity is stronger than the true meaning of gold.

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